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Flat rolls


bis 600 mm Durchmesser


up to 600 mm
Länge bis 2500 mm


up to 2.500 mm
Genauigkeit min. 2 mµ


1 µm

Cold rolling plays an increasingly important role in metal forming technology. At the same time, there are growing demands on the concentricity, service life, rolling speed and material selection. We have the expert­ise you need for the design and production of high-precision flat rolls.

KÄMPFER WÜRZ manufactures working rolls, intermediate rolls and centre-drum rolls for all kinds of goods and all types of rolling mills. We supply rolls with a diameter of up to 600 mm and a maximum length of 2500 mm. In order to meet requirements in concentrity or cylindrical form, we produce rolls with a maximum deviation in shape or position of less than 2 μm.

The rolls are produced using classic cold rolled steel, PM steel, hard metal and ceramic materials. RW9200 and RW9600 hard metals have proved highly successful, guaranteeing a tool life of up to one year.