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Ground parts


bis 600 mm Durchmesser


2,5...600 mm
Länge bis 2500 mm


up to 2.500 mm



We offer our customers a particular advantage in terms of a large vertical range of manufacture with as many different machining sequences as possible. We work with preprocessed and, in most cases, heat-treated parts and they leave our modern grinding and honing machines with an excellent surface finish and the perfect fit.

Chamfered edges, smooth transitions, demanding form and position accuracy specifications and surface finish qualities to Ra 0.05 are all part of a routine day’s work in our company. Our work includes grinding, lapping and polishing outside diameters, inside diameters and end faces, high-precision macro and micro profiles, polygons, multi-sided profiles, cones, threads and flat surfaces – parts ranging from matchstick size to parts of up to 650 mm in diameter and 2500 mm in length.