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Section rolls


bis 600 mm Durchmesser


up to 600 mm
Länge bis 2500 mm


up to 2.500 mm
Genauigkeit min. 2 mµ


1 µm

The rolls predominantly used for the section rolling of wire are also used to manufacture wires in everyday consumer goods, such as mobile telephones, power distribution devices and even toothbrushes.

There are two different types of profile rolling. The first one involves grinding macro sections with a dressed shaped grinding wheel. In this case, very large sections can be ground in equally large rolls with diameters of up to 600 mm and lengths of up to 2500 mm. The second type involves ­micro sections and here the section is ground ­using CNC contour cutting on a special profile grinding machine with up to 11 controlled axes. A contour accuracy of less than 5 μm can be achieved in this case, and the smallest corner radius is 0.05 mm in an internal corner. We use 3D CNC measuring machines and contourographs to measure the profiles. Concentricity readings of 1 μm and ultra-fine surface finishes have long been standard features.